Selling during COVID-19

Same Service, Different Method. Whether you're needing to list your property for sale or wanting to buy, Harcourts continues to adjust real estate processes in response to the government's latest COVID-19 guidance, to ensure you can continue with your plans.

Email & Phone

All Harcourts offices have been closed in line with lockdown laws. We are now working from home and are available to discuss your buying and selling needs via email, phone or video call.

Appraisal & Agreement 

Virtual appraisal: Make an appointment with me to take a tour of your home using video call technology. After the tour, I will calculate and share your property appraisal digitally.

Digital listing presentation and agreement: With your needs in mind I will digitally present a customised plan to sell your property. Sign-on-glass options enable agreements to be finalised virtually too.

Sale or Purchase 

Virtual auctions: Virtual auctions have replaced on-site or in-room options. Hosted by a professional Harcourts Auctioneer, virtual auctions deliver incredible results.

Sale by negotiation: Where negotiation is required I can manage the whole negotiation process digitally.

Handling paperwork: Email and sign-on-glass options enable agreements to be finalised virtually.